Day 17, June 15, 2009

I left Barstow knowing that I will reach my destination by the of the day. After passing through a couple of towns and an odd bottle garden we entered the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. We traveled along with the mountains to our right as if they were escorting us all the way into Los Angeles. The temperature dropped to almost 40 degrees less than it was the day before. Then it warmed up and was a perfect 70 something degree day. We cruised through Beverly Hills with our mouths dropped open acting like were the Beverly Hillbillys. We finally came to a stop at Santa Monica Pier, the pavement ended and then there was the Pacific Ocean. After 17 days, 11 states (add 2 more on the return), 4 time zones, a lot of interesting places and people, museums, good meals (mostly) and bad meals (rarely), no problems, no speeding tickets, no mishaps, perfect weather with the exception of a welcome rain 2 or 3 times, countless memories, 1000's of pictures, 1000's of miles, deadends, turnarounds, do-agains, 1 sickness, minimal interstate, mostly two-lane blacktop, a few gravel roads, a few dirt roads, and a few undrivable paths and my Route 66 journey ends. California photos are here.

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